Dall - new dynamic power alliance to address global digital marketing challenges

Dall - new dynamic power alliance to address global digital marketing challenges


Leading digital marketing agencies join forces in pan European alliance.

Dublin, Ireland: Today, 7 leading digital marketing agencies across Europe announce that they are joining forces in an international alliance called Digital Alliance International (Dall int.). 
Dall Int. is a family of best-in-class, independent digital marketing agencies that offers a more customer and knowledge-centric alternative to the big international media holding groups. Participating agencies belong to the top 3% of Google Premier Partners in EMEA and formalized their unique cooperation at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin recently. The alliance aims to share local knowledge and expertise, engage in joint product development and cooperate on international client projects.
Together the founding members of Dall Int. share over 400 specialists, 1000+ clients and over 100 years of expertise with digital marketing, analytics and marketing automation in both B2B and B2C industries across Europe. As of today the digital alliance provides local digital expertise in the Nordics, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland as well as Eastern and Central Europe. Coverage by independent agencies in most other European countries is expected before the end of this year.
Dall int.

Dall int.

We have formed a strong alliance to ensure international customers best-in-class local expertise provided by trusted, top-performing and visionary digital marketing agencies. With over 400 specialists and more than 50 different certifications across 10 European markets, the alliance covers literally every area of expertise in today’s digital marketing & sales arena.

Allan Jørgensen, chairman of Dall int.

We are very proud to be among this select elite, and to provide our clients with the best possible standards of digital marketing as well with an international outreach. Besides the alliance we have a strong knowledge sharing and training program in the alliance - ensuring our employees access to the best and always up to date knowledge, helping our clients in the future

Zbigniew Nowicki, vice chairman of Dall int., Managing Director Bluerank

Official website: dall-int.com
For more information about this press release please contact Allan Jørgensen, info@dall-int.com, +45 22 36 89 05 or Zbigniew Nowicki, z.nowicki@bluerank.pl, +48 502 593 293.

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