BlueAlliance is growing in strength

BlueAlliance is growing in strength


BlueAlliance – an agreement between Premier Partner agencies from the CEE region, accepted new members and increased its range of business influence. On 5th and 6th March, 2018, in Budapest, the second meeting of the organization took place when the board was appointed.

BlueAlliance began its activity last year as a business co-operation platform of nine European-based agencies from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland. The list of the organizations that co-create BlueAlliance has just become longer with new agencies on board, along with new geographical areas. The new members are: Dinetix (Slovenia), Fragile Media (Czech Republic), GoClick (Slovenia) and GoUp (Slovakia). Presently, BlueAlliance constitutes of thirteen independent agencies. 
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The initiative faces several challenges: meeting the needs of clients in terms of international expansion and integration of activities between agencies. Members of BlueAlliance will focus also on intensive internal communication that shall enable effective knowledge- and experience-sharing. The realization of the organization’s mission is supervised by the newly-appointed board with Zbigniew Nowicki (Bluerank) as its chairman. The board includes also: Andrej Salner (Pizza SEO), Daniel Kafka (Fragile Media), Ionut Muntenu (WebDigital) and Krisztián Dunder (Growww Digital).
The acceptance of new agencies and appointing the board took place during the general meeting in Budapest. Organized in the Google Ground educational institution, it hosted also the representatives of Google from the Central-Eastern Europe. The hosts were two Hungarian agencies: Growww Digital and Intren.
The offer of BlueAlliance will soon be presented to business partners of all of the member-agencies. Its main and most important idea is removing borders and barriers related to language or culture as well as enabling the international expansion to those companies that are interested in offering their products or servicec on all the Central-Eastern Europe markets.The activity and offer of BlueAlliance prove that borders of countries are no obstacle for digital marketing and development of the e-commerce market.

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