Bluerank becomes the main partner of VTEX in Poland and the CEE region.

Bluerank becomes the main partner of VTEX in Poland and the CEE region.


The global leader of innovative e-commerce services extends its territorial scope of activities to include further regions of Europe. Bluerank will support this international expansion as an official partner.

VTEX is a True Cloud e-commerce platform with automatically scalable cloud infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive, multi-channel and completely adaptable solutions for over 1,000 clients in 25 countries. Soon, it will also cover Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Poland, which is one of the most important e-commerce markets in the region.
Bluerank will support the company in understanding the specifics of domestic e-businesses. “We are very proud of having Bluerank as our main partner in Poland. This is a great milestone for us and will aggregate much to our expansion journey, we believe Poland and CEE will be the operation center for E-commerce in Europe and VTEX will invest heavily in the region during the next years.“- says Mariano Faria, Co-CEO of VTEX.
Unique, patented SmartCheckout ™ technology is an excellent solution for digital trading. It makes the multi-channel sales process not only easy to use and intuitive but also safe. As a result, it enables retailers to achieve better results through growing conversion rates, build customer loyalty and optimize costs at the same time.
Zbigniew Nowicki, Managing Director of Bluerank responsible for the development of the partnership, emphasizes that "VTEX platform is naturally and logically complementing the range of Bluerank services. So far our performance activities have been dedicated mostly to already existing online shops. Now we can influence the degree of marketing friendliness and online store integration from the very beginning of the creation process. As a result, we can implement our mission better and more effectively by helping our clients' consumers to find the desired product easier and faster.”
By using VTEX services, retailers can easily manage products, content, and processes, as well as truly focus on their customers. Currently, the platform supports more than 2,300 stores, including the world’s leading brands such as Lego, Lancome, Sony or Whirlpool.
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